1.  Students shall be accepted regardless of age, sex, nationality, religious, beliefs, socioeconomic status or political affiliations.

2.  Student must have graduated from recognized secondary schools.

3.  Students must meet all the prescribed admission requirements of SJC.
  • Must have complete and valid credentials (Form 138, Certificate of Good Moral and Certified true copy of Birth Certificate)
  • Students must qualify in the average grade requirement (GWA) set by SJC.
  • Must qualify in the interview.
4.  Students must pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulation of SJC.

New/beginning freshmen students are may enroll any time of the Calendar Year.

Students must not have enrolled in any academic or college subject/s prior to the enrollment as beginning freshmen otherwise they shall be classified as transferees.

Students enrolled in vocational courses or those not leading to a degree program admitted as beginning freshmen.
1.  Must have complete and valid credentials.

2. Must need all the prescribed admission requirements of the college and the concerned school.
  •   Average grade requirement (GWA)
  • Copy of grades signed by the Registrar or OTR for reference purposes
  • Certificate of transfer credential
  • Interview
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate from the LCR or copy from the NSO.
3.  Must not have any outstanding failure in any academic subjects.

Must not have any outstanding failure in any non-academic subject (including NSTP).

Admission shall be on probation basis during the first term of stay in the university or until such time and they shall have validate/repeated in accordance with college policies all the subjects taken outside the SJC which are required for their course.

Official transcript of record (OTR) shall be submitted prior to admission for the following semester otherwise, enrollment will not be allowed.

Transferees from other institutions shall be admitted and treated as regular students in according with the existing policies of the college.
Must pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations of the SJC.


Registration of students shall be on the regular registration period of batches indicated in academic calendar.

A student is considered officially enrolled when he has paid his tuition and other fees duly validated by the Accounting Department.

A student must be officially registered in order to receive credit for course work.

Admission slip/clearance showing the scholastic standing of an old student required as credential for enrollment.

For students taking per qualification program, a student is allowed to enroll in more than one program during his stay in the college (MULTIPLE ENTRY, MULTIPLE EXIT POLICY).

Rules in sequencing of subjects (pre-requisites) in a curriculum are observed and follow in enrollment.

Registration of retuning students is dependent on his previous scholastic standing.

Changing/adding/dropping of subjects shall be made only for valid reason and stated in writing to be approved by the Department Head and acknowledge by the college Registrar.

Changing/adding dropping of subjects shall be made within the specified period and subject to payment of corresponding fees.

Changing a subject shall be made only for valid reasons and when schedules allow the same.

Subject changed/added unofficially or without prior approval of the Department Head shall not be given credit.

Dropping a subject may be allowed to drop a subject for valid justified reason.

Unofficial dropping of subject after the mid-term shall earn the student a failing grade of 5.0.

Student Classification
Students are classified as follows:

    1. A full time/regular student is one who carries the full load in any given semester as specified in the curriculum.
    2. A part-time/irregular student is one who carries less than the full load specified in the curriculum.
    3. A transfer student is one who comes from another institution where he/she started studying for a course and who is now registered in SJC after qualifying for admission.
    4. A foreign student is one who is not citizen of the Philippines.

  • A student is allowed by the Department Head to shift with in the opinion of the Department Head he is not academically suited to the program.

  • A student should apply for a shift of course to the registrar who in turn shall approve the said application.
  • Withdrawal of registration shall be made and approved based on exiting rules and regulation of the institution.
  • A student who withdraws his registration shall be entitled to full refund of fees paid except matriculation and entrance fees.
  • No withdrawal of registration shall be made after the specified period. The rules for dropping shall apply.