Regular attendance is required of all students from the firs day of class, regardless of the student enrolment. Every absence represents a loss for the student. It is not the duty of the instructor to give extra time to student to make up for work missed because of absence. All work covered by the class during the absence shall made up to the satisfaction of the instructor within a reasonable time from the date of absence.

     As provided in Section 151 of the Manual of Regulation for Private Schools, a student who has incurred absences of more than 20% of the required number of class and laboratory periods in a given time should not be given credit. Hence a student who has incurred mote than seven (7) absences in a 1 ½ hour class (TTh) or more than ten (10) absences in a 1 hour class (MWF) in a particular subject will receive a corresponding grade of NCA (no credit due to absences) as a final mark for a semester regardless of his performance in the class as of the date of dropping.

     Three cases of tardiness are equivalent to one (1) absence. If the student is more than 15 minutes late for a class, it is recorded as an absence. Students, who, without the permission of the instructor, leave the classroom for the remainder of the hour or stay out for more than fifteen minutes will be marked because of late enrolment or suspension or whether the absence is excused or not are considered part of the limit.

     Student should get admission slip from their respective Department Head after three absences and thereafter every time they are absent. Students are held responsible for counting their own absences although instructors may remind them from time to time.