SAN JOSE COLLEGE OF GENERAL SANTOS, INC. considers a firm fair and just disciplines as an important factor in the education of an individual. When a student enrolls at SAN JOSE COLLEGE OF GENERAL SANTOS, INC. he submits himself/herself and agrees to comply with the school rules and regulations. The students upon the enrollment acknowledge and assume responsibilities towards the administration, the faculty, the staff and his fellow students. On the other hand, SAN JOSE COLLEGE OF GENERAL SANTOS, INC. assures the student upon his/her admission, that all rights as a student will be respected and protected.


SAN JOSE COLLEGE OF GENERAL SANTOS, INC. expects every student to regard discipline as a vital for personal growth and for productive membership in society. Also, SAN JOSE COLLEGE OF GENERAL SANTOS, INC., students are expected to be mature at all times, both in and off campus, showing self – control and respect for proper authorities for the rights of his/her fellow students and for the good of the school.


          Every student should respect authority and courteously and promptly obey
all school officials as their power and authority emanate from the offices they occupy.

          Misunderstanding between and among students is to be brought
immediately to the attention of the head of student’s affairs/guidance counselor. No student is to resolve his difficulty through violence or through such means that reveal lack of charity. The students should refrain from the use of words that are offensive, vulgar indecent or blasphemous in nature.

          Any student or group of student who molest anyone, disturbs or disrupts
classes or meetings or in any way causes the serious breach of peace in the campus will be sent out there from, and proper administrative and/or legal action will be filed.

          A student suspected of being under influence of alcohol or drugs will be
asked to leaved the school.

          The student is strongly urged to keep the school campus clean and tidy,
spitting, scattering, pieces of paper and cigarettes butts, marking of walls or carving on furniture are prohibited.

          Smoking in the school premises is prohibited.

          Students are expected to show respect and deference to all visitors in the


          All students should show respect to their teachers and classmates.

          An instructor may send a student out the class when there is evident of student

          To develop leadership among students. Officers are selected in every class to
assist classroom management.

          If an instructor is not in class at the prescribed time, the students should wait quietly the room for fifteen (15) minutes. If the instructor is not in the classroom after fifteen (15) minutes, the class is dismissed.